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Alternative To Tile Flooring.

FloorEver Epoxy Maine uses a patented and proprietary poured floor system that provides beautiful one-of-a-kind color and texture. Our exclusive epoxy finish seals the designed texture with a hard gloss finish that lasts, well… floor-ever! FloorEver Epoxy Maine floors are the perfect alternative to tile for any room in your business, garage, and home; as well as outdoor applications. Schedule your free onsite estimate today. Contractors welcome.


FloorEver Epoxy Maine flooring is completely seamless. No grout to clean and seal. Our floors are the perfect solution for wet areas.


No two FloorEver Epoxy Maine floors are alike. Every floor is mixed to your color, grain, and texture. Plus, you can choose patterns, textures, and other unique design features.


If it didn’t last forever, we wouldn’t call it FloorEver. It is simply the most durable surface finish you can buy. Perfect for new construction, renovations and commercial uses.

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Why good floors go bad.

It takes more than just a good product. Preparation and installation are equally as important as the coating materials. FloorEver Epoxy Maine floors are guaranteed to be expertly installed to ensure a lifetime of beauty and performance.

Spoiling and Scaling

Corrosion caused by sodium chloride and calcium chloride is most often found in road treatments. The chemicals will eventually erode most paint and other floor coatings. Our patented system stands up to these conditions.


Cracks in the floor finish are most often caused by shifting or shrinkage of the floor itself. Our system is resilient, able to shift with conditions.


Spots and area discolorization are caused by stains from liquid spills, drips from vehicles, or chemical reactions. FloorEver Maine floors have an ultra-hard surface that repels damaging drips and spills, and cleans up beautifully.

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